Cat diet

My special diet

5 fish per week (frozen then cooked)
25 sticks of wheat grass per day (sometimes I like to throw this up)
6 chicken livers per week
occasional Iberico ham (my hoomin is a chef)
forest fruit yoghurt
#caturday bonus tuna
fee per mouse dispatched, tuna
seafood surprise and mixed grill biscuits

Why is my name Vinny Toobad

My names

Toobad  This name was given to me by the kind(crazy cat) lady in Brixton who looked after me during my troubled times.

Colin  I got this name from RSPCA rescue centre, never really liked it. Who calls a cat Colin for cat's sake.

Lennox  Chef called me Lennox after the boxer Lennox Lewis because I was a cat brawler.

Vinny   Lennox did not suit me, so Chef started calling me Vince after the character Vince, a violent, foul-mouthed sociopathic fox, then I became Vinny and finally Vinny Toobad.
  Vince, a violent, foul-mouthed sociopathic fox.

Cat behaviour

Modes of activation.

Sleep mode
  1. Medium sleep with purring, unconscious.
  2. Deep sleep with dreams and sleep jogging.
  3. Extra deep morning sleep.
  4. Light sleep, eyes and ears active but body asleep.
  5. Deep sleep spread flat on lap denotes cold weather. 

Play mode
  1. Mild punching slapping and chewing manoeuvres 
  2. Four legged Chuck Norris kick and punch simultaneously with chews.
  3. The wrap around ju jitsu hold with deep meaningful bites.
  4. Havoc mode stand well back, high speed circuits with claws.
 Hypnosis mode
  1. Scratch chest and back simultaneously to deactivate all play modes, beware havoc mode is automatic when awakening from hypnosis.
  1. Tuna fishing boat Captain.
  2. Buffalo hunter.
  3. Wheat grass farmer.